Bordelle Ula, the Jewel of the Sea | AW22

A combination of bodywear and bondage elements.

Excitement guaranteed!

Bracelet Strap Eden of the brand BORDELLE. This fine fabric bracelet is decorated with 4 golden buckles and is adjustable thanks to an adjustment buckle. Bra Cage Ula Eden of the brand BORDELLE. This bra is composed of two wide bands. A horizontal one under the chest and a vertical one which goes from the first band to a chocker. At the level of the breasts five adjustable bands support the chest. Mesh Body Ula Eden of the brand BORDELLE. This transparent bodysuit is open at the back. It is adjustable in the back thanks to a golden buckle and is worn like a thong. Harness Ula Eden of the brand BORDELLE. This harness can be worn with or without the top part. It is composed of a wide strap at the waist and three bands on the hips, each one connected by golden rings to two central bands which join the crotch.

Ula Bordelle, a system but not only...

A mix of soft tulle and satin tulle with delicate and glittering finishes.

Black suspender belt Ula collection from the brand Bordelle. This product is made from a transparent mesh and features a wide elastic band around the waist with adjustments and a ring as a central gold-plated jewel. The clips are attached to the fabric piece by a triangular jewel embossed with the brand's logo.

Garter Green Eden collection Ula of the brand BORDELLE. This Garter is composed of 4 bands each adjustable thanks to a buckle. These bands are connected by golden rings to a wider vertical band at the front of the thigh. To this band is attached a golden buckle.

What's new this season?

The color Eden, a deep and rich green, which will not leave you indifferent.
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