Discover the new “Enchanted” range signed Flash You And Me!

Discover the new range “Enchanted” of the brand Lettone Flash You And Me in collaboration with ZIB in Limited Edition on Brigade Mondaine!
These pieces are available in several designs and will make you divine.
The “Colibri” range and its exotic patterns enhances all skin tones and makes you sublime both daily and as well in the intimacy with your partner.
The “Deer In Flowers” range is based on a nude color for a light and floral tone, embellished with a pretty deer on the front of the high waisted panties, which fits your curves while keeping the sexy theme.
Strengthen the sophisticated effect of these sets with the “Colibri” and “Lion” kimonos and their soft and loose material to tie at the waist.
Succumb to these original prints and elastic straps that intertwine around the waist for a bondage effect.