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Zhilyova Sexy Lingerie, a new brand in vogue since 2014, arrives for the first time in France at Brigade Mondaine! The pieces of a are feminine and delicate, strong and sexy.
Its creator Zhilyova says she was first inspired on her first visit to Paris. The French influence is evident in her work, from the lace to the understated and elegant aesthetic. Indeed, Zhilyova works exclusively with Italian or French lace and natural silk, making each piece incredibly unique and special. With its impeccable quality and finish, its original and unique models, the brand wants to be different and tends towards excellence.
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Erotic lingerie?

Brigade Mondaine offers a large number of high-end lingerie designers. You will find here the cream of the crop in sexy lingerie and we advise you every day to find all your dreams. Our wide selection of luxury lingerie allows a choice without limit.
Erotic lingerie Zhilyova is easy to wear, daring, luxurious and arouses the hottest fantasies. Zhilyova makes her lingerie by hand, obeying the requirements known in the world of luxury.
Zhilyova proposes a sexy but elegant lingerie, a lingerie often in transparent fishnet which sublimates the body and the feminine beauty; we find at Zhilyova the open lingerie, bras without underwire for a maximum comfort, lace lingerie for the most romantic, silk lingerie but also the strap lingerie called bondage lingerie.
When it comes to sexy lingerie, Zhilyova is a must-have; the quality of its products is no longer to be proven, you will find at this lingerie designer creations with original designs, the most luxurious fabrics and finishes.
Brapanties, fine fishnet body or dress Zhilyova will make you look sexy and feminine.

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