Ula Bordelle

- What Lies Beneath -
Bordelle Lingerie AW21 | 22, a free and mysterious collection, a journey into the depths of the unknown...
A continuation of SS21 "Beautiful Yet Dangerous", the AW21 | 22 collection is inspired by the multitude of colours and textures found deep in the ocean. A collection inspired by the beauty of nature and a reminder of the brand's commitment to becoming a more sustainable company.

The Ula, Rey II and Aurea ranges therefore incorporate recycled fabrics.

ULA means "jewel of the sea", a range of contemporary lingerie, timeless and ageless like the nature that surrounds us. Strong but easily wearable pieces, embellished with elements inspired by bondage, the DNA of Bordelle aesthetics.

The ULA range combines two fabrics; a luxurious soft stretch knit and a recycled knit with an aluminium finish. The foiling technique is new this season, creating a pearlescent finish inspired by the reflection of water. The oversized 24-carat gold-plated finish contrasts with the softness of the jersey, the transparency of the fishnet and the satin elastic. The collection features the super soft satin elastic band, appreciated for its comfort while maintaining a classic bondage aesthetic. In terms of colours, sophisticated and opulent black shares the spotlight with Eden, the deep and rich green evoking lush forests...

The centerpiece of this collection? The bold Basque Bordelle Ula Eden is made entirely of satin elastic, the DNA of the Bordelle brand. is made entirely of satin elastic, the DNA of the Bordelle brand. Erotic Luxury Lingerie Bordelle.

Discover the BDSM accessoriesOur erotic jewellery can be more than just an adornment on your body. A light embrace on your skin with our bracelets Bordelle in elastic. Sometimes as an everyday accessory, sometimes as a BDSM accessory, the choker is a must in the world of bondage. The necklace is a very popular piece of jewelry that will undoubtedly enhance your neck. Being a small embrace at the level of your neck, the BDSM necklaces, also called chokers, are more and more popular as fashion accessory. The submission collars, often combined with BDSM leashes, will be your best allies during your bdsm games. Choose the Ula Bordelle chokers for a touch of luxury on a delicate neck.

Whatever your goal, or your type of morphology, a woman's thong will know how to highlight you and shape your forms. Put forward your assets thanks to this essential element of lingerie, which will attract all the eyes towards your buttocks. The string The lace thong is elegant, and brings a touch of softness to your ensemble. The open lace thong from Bordelle will impress you with its delicacy and fine details!

Allow your breasts the luxury of being held in place by the best bra possible, whether it's open bras, or bras with front closure, lace or tulle, be sure to choose the best for your body. Get it on, and treat your body the way it deserves! You'll feel all the more beautiful and confident. Our bra Ula Bordelle will be your best assets!

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