Merida Bordelle

Bordelle Merida evokes the warm summer nights, the vivid and striking colors and exotic nature of Mexico.
Merida Bordelle offer an exciting and contemporary selection of new shapes and styles, using the highest quality fabrics and elastics for a more modern vision of bondage.
Structural and striking pieces inspired by some of Mexico's most influential architects and designers.
The collection is experimental, provocative and daring; a true representation of the Bordelle brand DNA.


Hot Mexican summer...

Discover the warm Mexican summer nights with the cutting-edge Bondage lingerie series from Bordelle Merida. A wide variety with ambitious satin elastic straps, ultra-soft transparent stretch mesh and luxurious 24 carat gold-plated details. Bordelle Merida is available in the new soft blue hanging colour, pretty burgundy purple and classic black.
Discover the latest bondage lingerie collection from Bordelle from AW2021, Merida, and let Bordelle take you to the warm Mexican summer nights with three colors inspired by the Mexican structure. The classic black is easily combined and matched with your Bordelle signatures, while burgundy crimson and dusty blue are a new addition to your luxurious bondage lingerie set.
Bordelle Merida features angled strap details with wide satin elastic bands and soft, stretchy mesh to contour and flatter a woman's figure. The mesh used for the Merida collection is a recycled material with an eye fixed on Bordelle's imaginative and premonitory moral underwear. so the soft mesh is a wearable version of bondage underwear that feels every high quality on your body and your sense of right and wrong. layered bodywear such as the mini-dress and mini-skirt give a whole new size to your style of luxury erotic lingerie, without losing sight of Bordelle's bondage aesthetic. Of course, the 24 carat gold-plated material is a complete luxury with oversized o-jewels, clasps and, of course, zippers.
So mix and match Merida endlessly in sight with the wide preference of bras, panties, straps, garters, extra underwear and accessories in your favourite shade; conventional black, beautiful burgundy or dusty ocean blue. And experience the warm Mexican summer nights for yourself with Bordelle Merida.

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