Kea Bordelle

Kea Bordelle - Beautiful Yet Dangerous...
Inspired by Mauna Kea, one of the highest mountains in the world and an underwater volcano in Hawaii,
The Kea Bordelle collection has a raw sensuality, with delicate embroidery contrasted by 24-carat gold-plated finishes.
A lace created for Bordelle that draws on the skin the sea waves of the glaciers...


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Kea Bordelle - Beautiful Yet Dangerous...

It's with pride that we present to bondage lingerie fans, the brand new SS21 collection from Bordelle, Kea!

Bordelle reminds us that what is dangerous often attracts us by its splendour, especially in nature with its vivid shades and unknown deep waters. The Kea Bordelle bondage lingerie collection is inspired by the remote and perilous places in nature, named after Mauna Kea, one of the highest mountains in the world, an underwater volcano...

The inspiring offer of waterways and glaciers is expressed in a fantastic way inside the hand-drawn embroidery in black on transparent tulle, navy blue on transparent voile and lilac on transparent voile. The rims are complemented by contrasting seams in glittering chrome black, turquoise and gold, and light blue and gold.

Superbly embroidered tulle and veil blend beautifully with Bordelle's signature satin elastic shoulder straps and wide band satin elastic straps. 24K gold-plated hardware is present on all Bordelle Kea pieces. And with this SS21 collection, Bordelle introduces an all-new 24K gold-plated hardware, the oversized undergarment element that connects the straps and garters.

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