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Camellia 3D Black Panties

Color   Black

Composition   3D printed on Tulle

Handmade in Portugal

199,90 INCL. VAT
166,58 HT

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3D Camellia panties, lingerie creation from the Bloom Collection by Stephanie SantosFashionTech brand, 3D printing Couture. Stephanie Santos proposes a new vision of lingerie and fashion, an intersection of design and technology. The designer merges the traditional construction of Haute Couture garments with new digital and 3D printing techniques. The couture is 3D printed. All lingerie pieces are unique and handmade to order by the FashionTech designer in her workshop in Portugal.

A person is only the product of their thoughts. What they think, they become. -Mahatma Gandhi

Stephanie Santos Lingerie's Bloom Collection is a first of its kind. The designer is developing a custom, 3D printed 95% lingerie collection. The textures and patterns of the Bloom Collection are spectacular and only possible through additive manufacturing. The designer is pushing the boundaries of 3D design even further. The aesthetic of this luxury lingerie collection is inspired by flowers and mushrooms. The patterns are directly inspired by the extraordinary and varied textures found on different types of mushrooms.

From the Bloom collection, the 3D Camellia panty Stephanie Santos is a one-of-a-kind piece with an elegant design inspired by the beauty of flowers that gently entwine themselves around the female body. As if flowers were providing support and care to all women from all walks of life. The Camellia Panty closes on the sides with long satin ribbons. This textured panty is unique and fully 3D printed in recyclable TPU. The material is fully waterproof and can be easily washed by hand with soap. We suggest to avoid spraying perfume on the 3D printed pieces.

The 3D Bloom lingerie collection is a Brigade Mondaine exclusive, available in black or nude. The 3D Couture Stephanie Santos creations are delivered in pretty ethical and organic pouches, ready to offer!

About the designer Stephanie Santos 3D Print Fashion

Stéphanie Santos was born in Luxembourg of Portuguese parents. She studied various fields of art and design in France and abroad (at the TextileLab in Amsterdam). The designer admires what nature offers us, especially the wonders of flora. In her work, she fuses modern techniques with the fundamentals to create her interpretation of aesthetics and make unique pieces of lingerie. Stephanie Santos is specialized in textile technology, and more specifically in FashionTech 3D printing which offers new innovative possibilities for the design and production of clothing and textiles.

Stephanie Santos creations are made to order and cannot be exchanged or returned C.G.V. (Article 4.).  

3D printed Couture & Digital Fashion

Stephanie Santos uses 3D technology such as 3D pens, 3D printers and 3D software to create three-dimensional digital designs and translate them into 3D printed clothing, textiles and accessories. 3D printers will create each part of a product with a computer chip containing the digital design. The filament (spool of thread for the printer) used is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is 100% recyclable and reusable. The material is waterproof and can be easily washed in hot water (max 40 degrees). Each garment is made in his workshop and finished by hand. The fabrics used for the clothes are ethically sourced and natural. The designer has combined modern technology with traditional sewing to create her unique pieces. Each product is made on demand to avoid unwanted stock. The brand advocates Slow-fashion and zero waste while navigating the world of 3D!

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All orders are delivered with a free standard gift wrap with the possibility to add a personal message.

A deluxe Signature Brigade Mondaine gift pack, including a satin pouch, a choker and a customizable card, is available for a fee at checkout.

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The creations made to order by the designers INCARNEM by Marine Billet, Fräulein Kink, Baed Stories, SPNKD, KILTER, KAIMIN Official, Asche & Gold, BoundUp, Crystal Eyez, Adele Brydges, Elif Domanic, FIGURE OF A, Stephanie SANTOS, POSIE Lingerie and HERVÉ by Céline Marie, or any other item indicated in the product sheet as such, are neither returned nor exchanged nor refundable, once the order has been finalized by the Customer.

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The Brigade Mondaine sets, gift packaging, event products made in LIMITED EDITION are neither returned nor exchanged.

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